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Augmented Reality
is here and will change how we see the world
Be a pioneer

Introducing the first
Augmented Reality
enhanced 3D oil painting
Theater Greeter

I present to you an artwork that is unique

and available for your acquisition.


Picture a 6ft tall freestanding, multi-canvas oil painting of an elegant woman looking coy from behind her curls.

She stands near a beverage serving station.

Guests are waiting, looking for distraction.

Beside her is a panel with a QR code. They scan it.
The painting comes to life!

She reaches forward gently tossing 
green apple to the guest.

Her pieces disassemble and fall to the floor.
She rebuilds and repeats.

Beside her is a virtual plaque.

The content is your choosing and design.
It can move, change and potentially be interacted with.

Purchase this piece or inquire about a commission.
This is what is possible.
An artwork can be made specifically to your purpose.

Contact: Nathan Jensen

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